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BT Winch Cable Parachute

BT Winch Cable Parachute
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Popis: BT Winch Cable Parachute

The durable parachute with high life expetancy. The large canopy enables pulling-in of the winch cable at a low engine torque. Available in two colours: yellow and red – for better distinction between the leeward and windward cable of a double drum winch.

For steel winch cable.


  • Four-segment canopy, material nylon, UV-resistant. With 8 ea. one-piece shroud belts in black, reinforced parachute edges, the upper belts are doubled.
  • The long shroud belts are exchangeable. When damaged you can order replace-ment belts and can exchange them by yourselves.
  • The shroud lines are belt together in a delta screw-type connector.


  • Canopy base Ø (in flight): 1800 mm
  • Parachute lenght : 3500 mm
  • Masse: 2400 g

Important notes for the use of the BT cable parachute

  • Excerpt from the LTA 73-16 (aeronautical technical advice) which is part of the SBO:
  • The diameter of the open parachute may not exceed 2 meters.
  • The total length of the parachute – with closed canopy and stretched shroud belts – may not exceed 4 meters.
  • The distance between tow release and canopy vent is stipulated with at least 13 m. The sequence is thus: 3 m safety cable – weak link element (can also be positioned between connecting ring pair and safety cable) – 10 m intermediate cable.

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