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AeroLack All in One 1000 ml

AeroLack All in One 1000 ml
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Popis: AeroLack All in One 1000 ml

Aerolack All in One combines a complete care system for virtually all aircraft surfaces*. The cleaning components break down fat, oil, tar and oxidation and remove slight yellowing.

During sealing, special polymers penetrate the cleaned pores and dry to create a homogeneous surface that repels dirt and water. The UV-blocker formulation reduces the ageing process caused by solar radiation to a minimum.

Aerolack All in One has been optimised for use on plastics. Please do not use any microfibres, as they would create a static charge. It is better to use a lint-free polishing cloth made from soft cotton.

* Do not use to treat porous or raw surfaces or de-icing equipment.


1. Thoroughly wash the surface.

2. Apply a thin layer of Aerolack All in One onto all smooth surfaces using a clean soft cloth. The surfaces do not need to be dry before applying the product.

3. Wait at least 30 minutes for the surface to dry (avoid strong sunlight). For a streak-free and smear-free shine the product needs to be completely dry.

4. Thoroughly wipe off the dried on product residues with a soft lint-free polishing cloth made from soft cotton.

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