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Adhesive Lubricant Würth HHS 2000 - 150ml

Adhesive Lubricant Würth HHS 2000 - 150ml
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Popis: Adhesive Lubricant Würth HHS 2000 - 150ml

Suitable for universal lubrication and under high pressure loads, e.g. shift, throttle and clutch linkages, Bowden cables, hinges, deflection levers etc.

  • High-pressure resistant- Extraordinarily tear-resistant lubricating film with outstanding noise and vibration damping properties.
  • High creep capacity - Excellent lubricating properties with close tolerances. Reliably protects against corrosion.
  • Active adhesive effective - No throwing off of the lubricant with turning and rotating parts.
  • Good material compatibility - Compatible with O-rings and rings, as well as with plastics. Behaves neutrally toward painted surfaces
  • Splash and saltwater-resistant, withstands weak acids and alkaline solutions

Technical information

  • Chemical basis: Hydrocarbon
  • Oil basis: Synthetic mineral oil
  • Colour: Yellowish
  • Smell/fragrance: Oil
  • Density: 0.66 g/cm³ (at 20°C)
  • Min. temperature conditions: -25 °C
  • Max. temperature conditions: 180 °C
  • Max. short-term temperature resistance: 200 °C
  • Flashing point of active ingredient: 300 °C
  • Kinematic oil basis viscosity: 1500 cSt
  • Silicone-free: Yes
  • Acid-free: Yes
  • Resin-free: Yes
  • AOX-free: Yes
  • Contents: 150 ml
  • Container: Can
  • Shelf life from production: 24 Month

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