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AIR Glide Display M

AIR Glide Display M
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AIR Avionics medium sized Display ("Size M") combines a large screen (3.7") with a mechanical design that retrofits into panels holding old, standard 3,5" (80mm) instruments. Display M features comprehensive and easy to use navigation, task-management, backup variometer indication, and traffic display. The new design concept integrates a big 3.7" display into a small retrofittable device. The device is installed from the front of the panel. It is only marginally bigger than a standard 3.5" (80mm) round instrument and thus can be easily installed into virtually any existing cockpit.

The very bright display shows moving map navigation clearly arranged and bigger than most other systems do. In fact the screen size of Display M with 3.7" is more than a third larger than conventional 3,5"/80mm round instruments that have displays typically in a range between 2.7" and 3.0". The display utilizes special anti-reflection technology making it perfectly readable in *any* lighting condition. Its readability is comparable to printed paper.

Display M features stunningly intuitive navigation functions. It is controlled by just two rotary knobs and three pushbuttons, yet has many amazing features, some of which are unique to panelmount navigation systems. The whole device is designed like a smartphone. Menus, functions, and user interface elements will seem naturally familiar to you. Anybody can easily learn how to use it - in just a few seconds of time.

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